Metatron’s Musings

~ channeled messages from ArchAngel Metatron/Maitreya through Noelle. Copyright 2008 The messages below may be distributed as long as the author, place an date accompanies the text.


A little background:

Late in 2007 I began channeling for a small group of friends as part of my work as a medium/card reader. We continued this meeting monthly, and in February, 2008, the angelic group I was channeling abruptly left.   In came an energy that felt like a big truck rumbling through the house. The next thing I knew Metatron announced himself and began speaking. I could barely contain the loving, compassionate energy that filled me. Since that time this work has continued with messages of compassion and love. For some reason, the tape recorder did not work for that first session, and some subsequent sessions, including a videotape at a Reiki Retreat.  What appears below is the second session with Metatron in March 2008. More transcripts will follow . . . Noelle continues to channel Metatron in small groups upon request. More transcripts are available by contacting Noelle.


Noelle U.  Channeling Metatron March 8, 2008   Preble, NY

Part One, the Talk


Greetings . .


We come to speak to you at this time of Love, not of the word with which you are so familiar but of the feeling and how to generate that feeling from within.   For all of  you carry the seed of that feeling.  And as you grow and learn and experience, that seed gets buried deeper and deeper.  Then you meet someone in a romantic relationship and the seed is reawakened and you see again that that seed can grow and blossom;  yet you have the perception that that seed belongs to someone else and that love comes from without. But  that love comes from within.  Recognize that feeling that comes from within .... recognize that you are powerful being who can generate that feeling and share it as you move out and share your Light.  For indeed it is an energy of such a positive nature that it can confront any other energy you may come across.   


       If you walk with that light in your heart, nothing of the reverse can touch you.  For that is the energy of that which you call love.   But in your language you have so many meanings for so many words.  Thus that which you name love has come to have so many meanings.  Know the meaning  by knowing the feeling.  And know that meaning intrinsically.  That means in your body, not the concept.  You have wonderful intelligent brains, brains which you use very well and brains that can bring about positive change,  but your brains must be encompassed by the feeling of aliveness the feeling of beingness the feeling of oneness, a feeling so deep that it chokes your throat to speak of it,.  That is the clue; that is the heart of the matter.


Heart is another of your words that is  used in so many different ways that it has come to be  meaningless as a mere word.   Until you begin to feel your heart and know what that feeling is intrinsically.  You may see it when you look into the eyes of another;  you may feel in  small groups  and gatherings such as this evening.  Know what that feeling is and generate in on your own,  for you are such powerful beings: know how powerful you are that you CAN generate your own energy and light and love and  walk around with it and let it shine around you.   And as that light shines, little else can touch you.  But you say, we have experiences  and things happen to us.  Yes, things will happen to you and for you and around you  and with you, for you are here for experience,  but carry with you the knowledge  that  you came in love to experience in love, regardless of what the experience is.  Some say well, it is a bad experience: that is your human judgment, that is your brain telling you it is not a good experience,.  But how do  you know   whether it is GOOD until you see it with hindsight?  And then you recognize that you have learned from it and you can look at the experience  in retrospect with love.  See that love as the experience happens and know that it is love that is experiencing what you are experiencing and that is all it is,  a mere experience.  Yes, we will admit, that to you, some experiences feel good and some experiences do not feel good, but that does not mean that those experiences that do not feel good are bad or wrong... they are generated as much in love as the good experiences that you cherish.  And you will take all of your experiences with you.


        We also choose the word experience over lesson.  Lesson has such an archaic meaning to it, an old paradigm.  Yes, you have things to learn,  but as you learn and grow, you are getting closer and closer to the core of who and what you are as a being of love and light, a being of energy.  A light bulb shining in the dark.  Light bulbs shining in the dark - light bulbs of different intensity and colors glowing together just as your planet appears in a nighttime sky from afar.  For you all carry the workings of the light bulb.  Recognize that you can turn that light on anytime you choose or any time you wish. 


For the opposite of that light is what you call  fear and you need not walk in fear for there is nothing to fear.   If you put your brain tactics to work, the fear can grow or the fear  can die.   Recognize when you are allowing the fear to grow for it need not grow.   Turn it around and let the fear die out for there is nothing to fear.  You are held in such a bubble of love and light by beings such as we and sometimes we indeed envy you for you are having the experiences. 


And you have allowed yourselves to disassociate from us in order to have those experiences  genuinely.  Yes, you have insights,  and those insights come when you reflect.  Allow the reflection to occur at the time of the experience and you will experience more fully and you will experience in love and light.   Just as you are capable of generating heat in your body in extreme cold so you are capable of generating light within your body  so you can walk around and glow.  So you can feel that same presence in others around you.  You open up your senses... your sense of being that allows you to sense other beingnesses around you.  And as you brush up against other being’s energies  around you ; you touch those energies, you sense those energies and you can walk away with gratitude for your experiences.   This is enlightenment.  It comes from light, bearing the light within and walking with the light, knowing as though you know a secret,  the warmth that floods your being when you feel good and when you feel good genuinely.   Take a  moment and be with yourself.  Imagine a light in your chest, and imagine that light coming on in your chest until it expands throughout your entire being to the point where you feel like you are not touching the floor or chair where you reside at the moment.  This is the state in which we exist.  This is where you came from before you became physical before you moved yourself into the dimensionality of being encompassed in a physical body with which you identify yourself.  The physical body has so many sensory parts to it that you take in so much in the way of feeling.  Sometimes you don’t know what you are feeling and have so much sensory experience that you do not know what you are feeling inside.  When that happens, back off and check in with what you are feeling inside.  Generate that feeling inside that is like a light bulb that can glow and send the warmth throughout your body.  You can do this with vibration, you can do this with music, you can do this with sunlight, with moonlight, whatever can generate the energy within yourself to tun on that light bulb.  


        All have the capacity to do this.   This is what the younger generation already knows.  For most of you it takes time and experience.  Those coming in to the physical plan in the last few decades already know this and they know it intrinsically.  They may not be able to speak of it in words. but they know it.  This is their connection. It is a connection to us. It is a connection to where you came from .  You think you have to work hard to find that connection.  You don’t have to work at it a all.  Call it play if you wish, but be like the child who already knows but does not have the language to express.  You do not have to put it into  language to feel it. That’s when you  combine your brain and your heart.  Cherish those experiences for which you cannot find words to express.   Or look to poets and songwriters to help you find the words to express what your feel if you need to express it.  We say savor it... savor it, remember it , cherish it, so you can bring up that feeling when you need to, so you can bring up that feeling when you think you are not feeling it , when you have put a lampshade over that light so you an take off the lampshade and let that light glow.   This is the feeling that abounds in the world, even in the world you believe you live in. Yes, it can ebb and flow like the waters and the seasons but that does not mean it goes away.  It is always there and it is  present in every living being and those things you consider not living.  The spark of  life ; it is constantly moving; it is constantly flowing; it swirls around you and all you need do is tap into it  to refresh the energy within yourself.  Program yourself to do this.  For your minds are very strong and can do this.   Savor the moment.  


      Many look around the world today and wonder where this feeling has gone, what has happened to the human race that gets caught up in their every day activities that they forget that there are other people around them and lose that feeling of what you call oneness.   Do not worry so for it is there.  Every time you connect with another human, it is there,  whether you know it or not.  Your task is to become aware of it and be aware of it that connection. You do not have to speak of it, you do not have to share it but you CAN be aware of it. 


    There are areas of strife in the world, indeed these areas are holding the energy of strife so the rest of the world can grow.  And even those areas of strife will eventually settle down for the grass roots efforts are there.  The people know.  Some do not and they choose to fight.  Hold the light energy and hold this light energy in your body, not just in your mind.  This is what we come to tell you.  This is what we come to reinforce.  Visualize it and send that visualization down into your body and feel it and then send it out from your heart.  We ask also that you do this at the close of this session this evening,  to practice visualizing with the head to send it to your heart and sending it out to the world from the heart as though you have a vortex opening  from  your chest to the world.


       Some would say this would make you vulnerable and it is not good to be vulnerable.   Not true.  This is one of those truths you have taught yourself because of what you call hurt;  hurt is nothing more than the light going out.  Bring the light back on again.   For you have experienced something that you will carry with you....   and you indeed who do the work here on this beautiful planet....we are so very proud of you  and we stand in awe of your choices and your experiences.  For this is what you have come here to do.


         Some continue to say ‘well I have a purpose here on this planet and I don’t know what it is but I am supposed to do something....’   yes, you are supposed to do something.  You are supposed to experience ... all that humans can experience, even when you choose to let the light go out for a little while.  Because then you can experience the light coming on again  and that is like the coming of spring when the earth reawakens.  For without one there cannot be the other and that is the paradox you experience,  the paradox you chose to come here to experience.  The gap in the paradox is closing for you have allowed yourself to experience and in the allowing you have learned much.   Now it seems there may be more light going out, the reverse is true...the light bulbs are coming on all over the place and we see it from our perspective....these little dots of light that are beginning to glow all over your planet.   In your reality the clouds are thinning and the light that you are creating is shining far beyond your planet or your solar system and many are gathering to watch that light grow.  We stand back in pride for we encouraged you and you made the choices... you made the hard choices.  For that we thank you.  For you have enriched much further beyond your reality.  You have enriched a far greater reality than you can imagine   And you have enriched our reality.  So we encourage you to use your brains of course, because you have intelligence.  Use it wise wisely and use it to enhance your being, not to shut down your being. 


         Allow yourself to just be,  regardless of the experience and regardless of how your are experiencing the moment. For all of your experiences are called to  you in love, not just those that you call good experiences.